Welcome to the ’verse – watch what you step in.

Seems like only yesterday that we finally won our independence from those slave drivers, the Beeluza, but I guess it’s been a good two or three generations now. Once we realized we weren’t counted among the Ardu, anymore, we started celebrating and it took a good few decades before we stopped. Now that the party is over, though, we need to figure out what’s next. We’ve spent so long being ruled by others that no two people can quite agree on how we should rule ourselves. We’ve got a few loose rules in place, more like guidelines than laws, but it’s a start. We’ve claimed a few star systems and we’re sorting out a government – got a military in the works, too. Point is, we’ve carved out a bit of the black just for ourselves and, now that we’ve got it, ain’t nobody gonna take it away – not the Beeluza or the Ardu, not even the Black Spawn.

That being said, there’s plenty of ways for a body to get himself into mischief, if that’s what he’s aiming for. Why, I know a handful of rascals, not too long back, that took to trouble like a bertu takes to water. Let’s see, I guess it was just a handful of years ago, when everything started out…


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