Ah, humans.

For all that we are a frail and squishy breed, there’re few other races in the ‘verse that can match us for our powers of adaptability, either in mind or body. It’s what makes us a valuable ally and a formidable foe. We’re curious enough that we learn fast, sometimes too fast, and bendy enough that we can strain ourselves without breaking… at least, not right away. Stands to reason that our cultures are fairly flexible, as well.



Don’t know what a human looks like? Find a mirror. There you go. Bipedal, sentient, talkative, etc. Skin, eye, and hair coloring come in all the colors of the normal human spectrum, and there are body modification kits to change that, if you don’t care for what nature gave you. Height and build tend to vary more for Star Born then they do for Earth Born: 4ft6in (137cm) to 7ft6in (229cm), and 90lbs (41kg) to 315lbs (143kg) are all considered healthy, for the most part.

Humans tend to live anywhere from one to two centuries, depending on if they’re Earth Born or Star Born, and are considered children until they’ve survived their first 15 years. After that, they’re able to drink, smoke, marry, vote, and join their favorite branch of government. Legal leniency is shown in most cases, though, until about the age of 25. Mid life crises are expected to hit at anywhere from 50 to 80 years of age, and most of the populace doesn’t consider a person old until they at least hit 100 years, although current trends are pushing that back to 130 or so.


As far as religious types go, the ones that follow Namaka are a pretty laid back lot (you should follow the link if you’re wanting more info on it). There are other religions, of course – any thing that was seen on Earth seems to have a following, and combinations and adaptations of those abound as well. No one seems to mind what religion a person follows, as long as they don’t start getting too loud or aggressive with their worshiping.


Sports are an important part of human life, for Star Born, anyhow. Physical activity keeps a body fit, a mind sound, and chases away boredom on the long ride between systems. The most popular sports are meditation stances, martial arts, kickball, stickball, tackleball, and cageball. Any sort of sport involving a ball tends to get rough, but cageball is the roughest of all of them and shouldn’t be played by novices until they’ve had a chance to be properly trained.


Ohi (oh-high):

Former slaves of the Jorda, these humans embrace scholarly interests and virtues. They seek knowledge for the sake of knowledge, are rather likely to follow Namaka, and they see no difference between men and women when it comes to filling any career or political position. They’re known for favoring puzzle games and non-competitive sports, and the music they produce tends more toward instrumental and soothing. While they agree that taking Earth Born from the home planet is sometimes necessary for genetic diversity and population bolstering, they tend to seek out infants and young children so that the transition is smoother for all involved. Few are seen as active participants in government matters, but they are frequently sought out for their knowledge and expertise. This tribe also has the best relationship with their former masters and its members are often allowed more leeway when interacting with the Beeluza than other tribes are.

Players of this tribe may choose one of the following:

  • The edge: McGyver
  • The edge: Arcane Background (Weird Science)

Or, Players may choose any two of the following:

  • A free d6 to any Knowledge skill (must specify)
  • +2 to Notice with one sense (must specify)
  • +5 Power Points

The Ohi are the only human tribe allowed to take an Arcane Background, and Weird Science is the only Arcane Background available to them.

Kote (koh-teh):

Former slaves of the Eeljet, these humans are highly skilled in the ways of battle and survival, and are frequently hired as trackers, guides, mercenaries, and body guards. They are not known for being particularly religious or philosophical, but they do take great pride in their quick wit and physical skills, and are great believers in meritocracy. They favor games that reward clever players and sports that encourage competition. Music they produce often has a quick tempo and lends itself to dancing. When they take Earth Born, they favor the young so that any physical training may be started as early as possible. This doesn’t mean that they won’t take an older Earth Born, though, if they come across one that’s sufficiently talented. Most never develop a taste for the social play that is required of the government’s movers and shakers, but some enjoy the mental challenge that politicking requires. This tribe tends to have a neutral view of the Beeluza – they saw the fight for freedom as a necessary part of human evolution and hold no resentment toward their former masters.

Players of this tribe may choose one of the following

  • The edge: Martial Arts
  • Base Pace of 10

Or, Players may choose any two of the following:

  • A free d6 to fighting, shooting, throwing, or tracking
  • +2 to resist all negative environmental effects
  • +1 to reach
Jara (jah-rah):

Former slaves of the Brudralay, these humans are most at home in the world of social networking and political intrigue. Valuing a different sort of information from the Ohi, they know what to say, who to say it to, and when to say it to get the most from the fewest words. A patriarchal society, the mention of the name of a person’s mentor can open and close doors faster than the individual can on their own, and positions of power are highly coveted. Games that favor strategy and cunning are prized, and their music tends to be stimulating, but light. Taking natives from Earth may be a necessity, but it is a distasteful one. If a family of the Jara clan takes in an Earth Born, they tend to first take measures to ensure there will be no whispering of it before fetching them. This tribe has a strained relationship with their former masters, feeling they have won an important victory against them, and has little more than patronizing contempt for the other Beeluza – supposedly. A person would be hard pressed to find any evidence suggesting this, of course.

Players of this tribe may choose one of the following:

  • The edge: Connections (one only, must specify)
  • +2 to Charisma

Or, Players may choose any two of the following:

  • A free d6 to intimidation, notice, persuasion, or taunt
  • +2 to Notice with one sense (must specify)
  • Immune to poison
Yrem (ee-rehm):

Former slaves of the Charestla, these humans find their purpose in the serving of baser needs, both their own and those of others. These are the ones that move in the shadows, who can procure anything, or anyone, that is needed… for the right price. They are famous for indulging in the new and bizarre, whether the topic is food or game or politics, but are firm on one point: in woman there is wisdom. Among them, it is only right that the men defer to the women and that the young respect the old. Games and sports that show off talent and display beauty are most popular with these folk, and their music seems to cover a wider range of sounds than seen in other tribes. The Yrem see no reason not to pull new kinsman from Earth, as long as only the most clever and talented are chosen. They favor taking older Earth Born, so as to be able to improve and expand their arts, in whatever form they favor, with inspiration from the home lands. As far as the Beeluza are concerned, the Yrem are likely the most grateful to be out from under their control, but the most eager to maintain a “working relationship” with their former masters. After all, now that all humans are free, they can cater not only to other kinsmen, but also to the other master races.

Players of this tribe may choose one of the following:

  • The edge: Quick
  • +1 to Parry

Or, Players may choose any two of the following:

  • A free d6 to gambling, lock picking, stealth, or streetwise
  • +2 to resist all negative environmental effects
  • Low light vision
Earth Born:

Age, nationality, and ideology vary – the only uniting factor of this ‘tribe’ is that each of these people were born on the home world, and then relocated into space (usually without option).

Players of this tribe start with the following:

  • One free edge of their choice


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