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Welcome to Nabdetam! It’s a wide ‘verse out there and you can make of it what you like, but you do have to know a bit about the game before you jump in – if you’re hoping to be more than just a blip on the radar, that is. This is where you can find the meat of what you need to know – the whats, whens, wheres, whos, and, on occasion, the hows and whys.


Nabdetam is a table top, space opera type role playing game (think Firefly and Cowboy Bebop) that is played using the Savage Worlds rules system. I already have all the players I need (for the most part), and we can’t even think of beginning before one player gets State-side, but anyone and everyone is welcome to follow along as our courageous and handsome heroes stumble their way through my story. While the rules may belong to Savage Worlds, and the genre to countless other writers, the setting, history and creatures are all of my make – which means no plot spoilers! If I fail to explain something (anything) sufficiently enough, please bring it to my attention and I’ll be happy to expand on what I’ve already provided.

(Nabdetam, or Nabaythu’de’tamtu, in the long form, is actually the word for universe in the human language for this setting – with everything else my players are going to have to learn, though, sticking with words like “verse” and “the black” will be easier on them, I think)


The time, my dear friends, is now. Quite literally. The events of this story are not taking place a long, long time ago, nor are they set in ages yet to come – everything is happening now.

For as long as there have been humans, the Beeluza, a group of four, ancient, powerful races, have been kidnapping them. Due to a fortunate set of circumstances, the route to Earth is long and treacherous enough that the Beeluza have never been able to enslave the whole of the human race at once, and so the humans of Earth have been allowed to continue to develop their cultures and countries as they see fit. As each new crop of humans arrived to join those who had been stolen before, the customs of those new to enslaved life merged with the customs of those born to servitude, and so the humans of space saw their culture develop, as well.

Fifty years before our game starts, the humans enslaved by each faction of the Beeluza managed a feat never seen before: they united together, coordinated resources and efforts, and overthrew their masters. The fight for freedom lasted a year and was incredibly violent, but the humans showed a capacity for intelligence, teamwork, and sacrifice that their former masters could not match.

Since then, humans have found themselves in new, and sometimes awkward, positions – not powerful enough to join the ranks of the Beeluza, yet not willing to resume the roll of ardu again, they fill in the gaps between the two social classes as best they can. Sometimes it falls in their favor that the bureaucrats of the master races have yet to adjust their laws and regulations to this new force in the ’verse, but often it does not.

Meanwhile, the inhabitants of Earth continue their politicking and warring and lolcating and whatever else a person from the home world does, oblivious to the fate of their star bound kindred.


Space! I would’ve thought this one would’ve been more obvious, no? There will be Planets, Ports, and Ships for the heroes to explore, conquer and survive. Star systems will be added as I can craft/ get a hold of them. (Watch for updates!)


Well, you’ve got your Humans (our devilishly handsome heroes, of course), which are divided into four (technically, five) tribes. Then there’s the Beeluza and the Ardu. If you can’t be found in any of those groups, then you’re probably a Black Spawn, and ain’t nobody wants them around.

Hows & Whys:

Weren’t you paying attention to the first part of this page? I said no spoilers and I meant it – you’ll have to wait for the juicy bits, just like everyone else. (Translation: Watch for updates)

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